New Students

I hope to connect with prospective PhD students with backgrounds in ecosystem ecology and/or soil science for a Fall 2022 entry.

In general, a background in Earth or environmental science, and/or other STEM fields and experience with programming in R, python, or MATLAB are both desirable, but not essential. The only strict requirements are that you are interested our lab’s research areas and excited by the idea of learning new lab, field, and/or data analysis skills.

If you’d like to talk about joining our lab group, please contact me at gmcnicol [at] uic [dot] edu.

Commitments to Diversity and Inclusion

I want the McNicol Lab to be a diverse and inclusive research environment. I recognize the need for ongoing education and self-reflection, for deliberate actions to end prejudicial discrimination and its reverse its legacies, and to consciously support the success of underrepresented minorities. To this end, I commit to:

    • Critically evaluate representation in the group and how diversity may be improved
    • Regularly facilitate group discussions and provide times to discuss inclusivity
    • Be inclusive of differences in individual needs and responsive to requests
    • Nurture open and honest discussion, as well as civil and constructive criticism
    • Annually re-evaluate and update my commitments as the group evolves
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